COMMANDO Multi-Function Wireless LAN Controller, Firewall URL Filtering, DMZ, IP Filter, MAC Filter, Port Mapping with Gateway.

Wireless LAN Controller, 100 Access Point, 100 Wired Users, Gateway, 16MB Flash, 64MB RAM, Manage FAT AP, SNMP

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COMMANDO AIR-CT100+GW is a high performance wireless controller with full Gigabit ports, it can manage, monitor and control 100 AP in the same networking diagram simultaneous. Best suitable for Wi-Fi solution in hotel, school, industrial, super market, and restaurant easy to setup, control and monitor.

Product Features:

Autos detect and manage wireless AP.

Auto-IP detection and Distribution: AIR-CT100+GW can detect all connected wireless AP, then distribute IP address for each AP automatically, configure and manage the AP at the same time

Manage and control: AIR-CT100+GW can set AP’s SSID, Password, channel one by one or in group; It’s easy to operate AP like upgrading firmware, restarting, resetting , adjust the subscriber’s QTY, wireless coverage, transmit power, making wireless signal more stable, to improve wireless networking quality.

Real Time Monitor and Analyze: AIR-CT100+GW will monitor and analyze wireless AP all the time, then show AP’s working status on Web manage page.

Web Management and Web Remote Management

AIR-CT100+GW support Web management, simple and clear. Then it support Web remote management, if the maintainer in another city, easy to control this AC controller by remote management, then monitor and maintenance the whole networking, saved much cost like human cost and transportation cost

Full Gigabit ports, it can be used as main router in the whole network.

Supports PPPoE, Static IP, Dynamic IP and PPTP, with 5 10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 Port, AIR-CT100+GW can connect with ADSL/Fiber networking then work as gigabit router in residential or some business area.

Variety Security to guarantee the networking safety.

AIR-CT100+GW support TAG VLAN to binding SSID, different SSID can binding with different Tag Vlan, then make communication isolated between different SSID to ensure data security.

Support multi firewall function: IP filter, MAC filter, URL filter, Port forwarding, DMZ... This allows user to access the networking in rules to protect and ensure the special networking application in safe, such as internet bank, FTP, H.323, IPSec/PPTP VPN.

Smart Quality of Service (QoS) function

AIR-CT100+GW support Quality of Service based on bandwidth control, adopt bidirectional bandwidth control based on IP and MAC, it avoid BT, Thunder and other P2P applications to take excessive bandwidth, solution for low throughput, dropped packets, errors, latency, guarantee for freely Internet.

Super low power consume, energy saving, eco-friendly and extend the life

The power consumption of AIR-CT100+GW is less than 5W, less heat, energy saving and eco-friendly and it can extend the life of device.

Managed AP QTY Max 100 AP can be managed, Max 100 end users can access into
Interface 5 * 10/100/1000M RJ45 ports
Size 225mm x123mm x 35mm
Power supply 100-240V~50/60Hz
Working temperature:-20℃~45℃
Storage Temperature:-30℃~70℃
Working Humanity:10%~90% RH(No condensation)
Storage Humanity:5%~90% RH(No condensation)

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COMMANDO Multi-Function Wireless LAN Controller, Firewall URL Filtering, DMZ, IP Filter, MAC Filter, Port Mapping with Gateway.



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