Fiber Optic Transceivers

COMMANDO GBIC/SFP/SFP+/QSFP/QSFP+/QSF28, Copper & Fiber, Data Transfer rate 1.25Gbps to 100Gbps, Distance Ranging 550m to 120km, Single Mode, Multi Mode, Simplex, Duplex, LC Connector, Hot-pluggable, Enhanced DOM/DMI, Cost effective, connect a Single Network device to a wide variety of fiber cable, distances and types


Image Main Category Category Product Code Description Quantity
CMD-SM-1G Transceiver LightningFIBER CMD-SM-1G COMMANDO LightningFIBER GBIC-LX/LH, SFP, 1310nm, MMF/SMF, 550m/10km, DDM
CMD-MM-1G Transceiver LightningFIBER CMD-MM-1G COMMANDO LightningFIBER GBIC-SX, SFP, 850nm, 550m, MMF, DDM
CMD-SR-10G Transceiver LightningFIBER CMD-SR-10G COMMANDO LightningFIBER 10GBASE-SR, SFP+, 850nm, 300m, MMF, DDM
CMD-LR-10G Transceiver LightningFIBER CMD-LR-10G COMMANDO LightningFIBER 10GBASE-LR, SFP+, 1310nm, 10km, SMF, DDM
CMD-UTP-1G Transceiver LightningFIBER CMD-UTP-1G COMMANDO LightningFIBER GBIC-T SFP, Copper, RJ-45, 100m, Standard
CMD-ER-10G Transceiver LightningFIBER CMD-ER-10G COMMANDO LightningFIBER 10GBASE-ER, SFP+, 1550nm, 40km, SMF, DDM
CMD-ZR-10G Transceiver LightningFIBER CMD-ZR-10G COMMANDO LightningFIBER 10GBASE-ZR/ZW,SFP+, 1550nm, 80km, SMF, DDM
CMD-SR4-100G Transceiver LightningFIBER CMD-SR4-100G COMMANDO LightningFIBER 100GBASE-SR4, QSFP28+, 850nm, 100m, MTP/MPO-12, MMF, DDM
CMD-LR4-100G Transceiver LightningFIBER CMD-LR4-100G COMMANDO LightningFIBER 100GBASE-LR4, QSFP28+, 1310nm, 10km, LC Duplex, SMF, DDM
CMD-UTP-10G Transceiver LightningFIBER CMD-UTP-10G COMMANDO LightningFIBER 10GBASE-T Copper RJ-45, SFP+, Up to 100m, CAT 6a/7
CMD-LR4-40G Transceiver LightningFIBER CMD-LR4-40G COMMANDO LightningFIBER 40GBASE-LR4, QSFP+, 1310nm, 10km, SMF, DDM
CMD-SR4-40G Transceiver LightningFIBER CMD-SR4-40G COMMANDO LightningFIBER 40GBASE-SR4, QSFP+, 850nm, 100m, MMF, DDM
CMD-SM-1G-RGD Transceiver LightningFIBER CMD-SM-1G-RGD COMMANDO LightningFIBER 1000BASE-LX/LH, SFP, 1310nm, 550m/10km, MMF/SMF, DDM, Long Wavelength, Rugged
CMD-MM-1G-RGD Transceiver LightningFIBER CMD-MM-1G-RGD COMMANDO LightningFIBER 1000BASE-SX, SFP, 850nm, 550m, MMF, DDM, Short Wavelength, Rugged


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