Channel Partner Program

Empowering businesses and offering more growth opportunities.

COMMANDO is a technology company focused on research and development in leading-edge technologies in networking. It develops, manufactures and sells networking equipment worldwide. COMMANDO Channel Partner Program is focused on empowering businesses, creating differentiation, enhancing competencies, adding edge, increasing value, and providing more growth opportunities. It offers more collaboration and preferential engagements with its partners.

Choose the right Partner,
choose the Expert

Choosing the right partner for your business is critical decision. It significantly impacts your business success. The Partnership with COMMANDO can empower you to change the game for your business.

COMMANDO Channel Partner Program is designed to empower its partners to differentiate its offering from the crowded market, transform customer experiences, drive growth, and improve bottom line. It opens additional revenue opportunities by privilege offerings and enable them to be more competitive. The program empowers its partners to leverage on COMMANDO’s expertize and offer customers lower TCO and higher ROI.

Channel Focused

COMMANDO is channel focused and dedicated to providing extensive resources, training, incentives and engagement to ensure a trusted and mutually profitable relationship.
All partners have access to the exclusive COMMANDO Partner Portal which provides a wealth of resources and information to enable, inform and support your ability to successfully sell COMMANDO solutions.

Program Levels

Our partner program is straightforward and full featured, just like our products. If you’re powered by passion, we have got the right program for you. There are two partner levels – each with distinct enablement and paths to profitability, Reseller and Distributor. In addition, our specializations recognize skills and expertise in specific areas and provide an opportunity to earn incremental benefits.



It is entry into COMMANDO Channel Partner Program. The Reseller is eligible to resell all of COMMANDO products without having to meet high annual revenue requirements. They directly deal with their local Distributors.



It is top level of the COMMANDO Channel Partner Program. It is reserved for partners who make a significant contribution in COMMANDO’s business, including meeting minimum annual revenue requirements.

Partnership Identification

You will be authorized to display a logo/badge that recognizes your organization as a Reseller or Distributor. The badge can be used to market your company’s relationship with COMMANDO and expertise in selling and deploying COMMANDO solutions.

Specialization badges are also available for those partners with demonstrated expertise in any of the COMMANDO Specialization offerings.

Benefits Reseller Distributor
Differentiation / Competencies ●●
Price Advantage ●●
Partner Portal Access ●●
Customized Mobile App - COMMANDO Business Manager (CBM) ●●
Sales Tools and Analytics ●●
First-to-market Opportunities / Product release priority ●●
Deal Registration Discount
Sales Lead Sharing
Dedicated Channel Manager (CM)
Partner Logo/Badge Usage ●●
Co-Branded Marketing Campaigns
Co-Branded Marketing Tools and Collateral
Marketing/Promotional Merchandise
Market Development Funds (Subjective and Discretionary)
Listing on COMMANDO Partner Locator (Subjective) ●●
Promotions and Incentives
Exclusive Partner Promotions, Discounts, Rewards and Incentives ●●
Partner Rebates
Product Portfolio Training ●●
Sales and Technical Training ●●
Technical Support
Priority Technical Support ●●
Access to Online Technical Resources
Dedicated Technical Support Manager (TSM)
Advisory Panel
Business Advisory Panel (BAP) By Invitation
Requirements Reseller Distributor
General Requirements
Annual Membership $1K (Waived off) $10K (Waived off)
Registered Legal Entity
Credible, Ethical and Professional Company
Partner Agreement Onlilne
Focus on ICT (Information and Communication Technology)
Existing Partner of any other Networking brand preferred
Business Website and Email
Sales Revenue
Yearly Sales $$
Order Value for Partnership Eligibility $ $$
Minimum Order Value (MOV) thereafter (during partnership period) $$
Participate actively in local Marketing activities
Participate actively in Social Media Marketing activities
Integrate COMMANDO products on company website, email and other platforms
Conduct Events/Seminar/Webinar/Promotional Activities for local IT Community
Training and Certification
Product Portfolio Training 1 4
CMD-SP - COMMANDO Certified Sales Professional 1 2
CMD-SX - COMMANDO Certified Sales Expert 1
CMD-NE - COMMANDO Certified Network Engineer 1
CMD-NX - COMMANDO Certified Network Expert 1
Minimum no. of Certified individuals 1 5
Appoint COMMANDO Business Manager (CBM) 1 1
Appoint COMMANDO Sales Manager (CSM) 1 1
Indoor / Outdoor Sales 1 4
Marketing Team Member 1
Technical Support Team Member 1
Tier 1 Support (Helpdesk Support for basic customer issues and services)
Customer Service 8 x 5
Call Back 24 hour 3 hour
Pre-Sales Support
Post-Sales Support
Escalation Process
Review Meeting
Quarterly Business Review (QBR)

The program is evolving, and T&Cs are subject to adjustments w.r.t market dynamics. Resellers to buy from local Distributors.

Being COMMANDO Partner has lots of Benefits and Privileges and it is a wise business move, and step in right direction.

Become a COMMANDO Partner and you will differentiate your business, enhance your visibility and develop profitable opportunities. While you are building market share, boost your profit margins with immediate access to discounts on COMMANDO products, plus a great range of incentives and promotions.

At COMMANDO, partners and customers are at the heart of all that is done. The leadership is Powered by Passion to maintain this focus and drives the commitment to delivering results while bringing the purpose and values to the core of daily business activities. The goal of COMMANDO is to be achieved through company’s extensive Growth Game-Plan, making sharper portfolio choices, focusing on Customer-First and WOW-Services strategy and strengthening capabilities with strategic partnerships worldwide.

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