Price Advantage / Special Discount
You enjoy deeply discounted Special Partner Prices on full range of COMMANDO Products. This keeps your cost lowest increasing your chances to be most competitive and make good profit margin and stay ahead of your competitors.

Financial Flexibility and Support / Credit Terms
You enjoy Credit Terms and payment flexibility with COMMANDO.

High Quality Products yet Most Competitive Price
You get products which are high quality, highly compatible and reliable manufactured using genuine components with ISO 9001:2000, RoHS, CE and FCC Certification assuring of high reliability and international standards. Yet, it is priced most competitively.

Partner Branding and Marketing Kit
You enjoy services for COMMANDO Partner Branding and Marketing Kit to increase your standing, visibility and penetration in the market. You get COMMANDO Authorize Partner Certificate. You are provided with customized sales and marketing materials with your company logo and details, such as Catalogues, Flyers/Leaflets, Sales Emailers, Canopy, Envelops, Visiting Cards etc. Further, Digital Branding and Marketing, Search Engine Optimization – SEO, magazine ads, articles and many other branding and marketing activities.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Branding and Marketing
You get Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Branding and Marketing Services from COMMANDO Branding and Marketing Team. Your website is search optimized and you are listed on numerous online directories and business portals enhancing your digital visibility helping more customers find you online and easily.

Technical Support and Training
COMMANDO Technical Support Team remains standby to support your customer’s technical queries and issues. You are provided technical training to help support your customers. Or you can refer your customers for support to us or you can liaise or we support you in backend, whichever way you prefer. The technical support is not limited to COMMANDO Products but also includes support for your customers IT Infrastructure queries and issues.

Lead Generation and New Business
COMMANDO Sales Force provides local leads of prospects customers interested or likely to buy from you, significantly increasing your customer base, automatically increasing your sales and business and helping you grow your business faster.

Logo and Trade Mark Usage
Eligibility to use COMMANDO registered Trade Marks, Logos and other Proprietary Materials.

Incentives and Promotions
You enjoy Special Incentives and Promotions that COMMANDO comes up with time to time, making our relation more rewarding.

Partner Mobile App
Mobile App specially designed with customized contents to serve business needs of COMMANDO Partners

The Next Step

Being COMMANDO Partner has lots of Benefits and Privileges and it is a wise business move, and step in right direction.

Apply to become COMMANDO Partner by filling up a short Application Form from link below and welcome on board as COMMANDO Partner. Grow and build a better future for your business with COMMANDO.

Roles and Responsibilities

• Brand Enhancement Contribution

Partners are expected to add value to COMMANDO brand and assist in increase brand awareness, equity and visibility.

• Preferred Branding and Selling

Partners are requested to brand and sell COMMANDO Products as their preferred brand.

• Reasonable Inventory

There is no stocking requirement. However, Partners are recommended to maintain reasonable stock to ensure smooth and timely deliveries of COMMANDO Products.

• Targets

There is no target. However, Partners are recommended to generate minimum business value of $1,000 per month.

• Business Opportunity Identification

COMMANDO offers financial incentives and perks for identifying and developing new opportunities for its brand.

• Business Goal

Partners are recommended to try and take all positive steps to achieve business goal and create win-win situation.

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