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COMMANDO is a technology company focused on research and development in leading-edge technologies in networking. It develops, manufactures, and sells networking equipment worldwide.

COMMANDO has keen focus on solving business challenges. It offers innovative technology in networking and connectivity for small businesses, medium to large enterprises, data centers and service providers. It develops Internetworking Operating System (iOS), Firmware, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software and Cloud Infrastructure for its networking gears. It draws and designs PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) for networking technology products such as Switching, Routing, Wireless and more.

The product portfolio focuses:

COMMANDO is committed to technology that makes connectivity simpler, flexible, affordable, and more interoperable. COMMANDO MarshallOS, SoldierOS and RouteOS iOS Software provide solid foundation for the network and are designed to meet the challenges of next generation Enterprise, Data Center, Metro and HCI (Hyper-Converged Infrastructure). COMMANDO iOS creates resilient infrastructure at most cost-efficient standard. All COMMANDO products come with Software licenses inbuilt and are free for lifetime including any future upgrades - making users focus on their core business and stay worry-free on license expiry and recurring renewal expenses, thus lowering TCO and significantly increasing ROI.

COMMANDO is registered trademarked in more than 150+ countries including European Union, UK, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates and many more. COMMANDO distributes its product worldwide through its channel partners with it clientele including local and international distributors.

At COMMANDO, technology is at the heart of all that is done. The leadership is powered by passion to maintain this focus and drives the commitment to delivering products that brings growth to businesses and connect the unconnected while bringing the purpose and values to the core of daily business activities. COMMANDO aims to achieve its goal through extensive growth game-plan, making sharper portfolio choices, focusing on technology, customer-first, wow-services strategy, and strengthening capabilities with strategic partnerships worldwide.

Last updated: May 07, 2024

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