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Joining COMMANDO Channel Partner Program empowers partners with variety of financial incentives, tools, technology, and support to accelerate sales and business growth.

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COMMANDO Channel Partner Program is focused on accelerating your business growth and designed to help you checkmate your competition. The program offers extensive resources, training, incentives, engagements, and enablement to foster mutually profitable relationship. The program enables businesses to tap into COMMANDO's expertize, transform customer experience, open new market opportunities, and increase top and bottom lines. It has two partnership levels (i) COMMANDO Authorized Reseller or COMMANDO Authorized Integrator and (ii) COMMANDO Authorized Distributor; each with distinct enablement and paths to profitability. Resellers / Integrators deal with Distributors in their territory.


Credibility is the greatest asset. Gaining customer trust, confidence and offer differentiation is ever-present challenge for businesses. Being Channel partner with brand that's trademarked registered in 130+ countries, including USA, European Union (EU), Africa, Middle East and more, brings recognition and reputation associated with it to your business. The privilege to be authorized to use its intellectual proprietary and copyrighted materials inculcate strong trust and confidence.

New Product Launch

Channel partners get the first-to-market opportunity on newly launched products. This helps benefitting on market excitement. You get the priority to offer your customers latest technologies and products. These offerings allow you more advantageous position by offering differentiation to more demanding customers. It positions you to increase your top and bottom line capturing more earning opportunities.

Price Privileges

Quality is supreme yet price matters. A product is as good as its pricing as it delivers value on the spendings. COMMANDO Channel Partners are offered high discounted pricing making them more competitive in the market.

Credit Facility / Payment Flexibility

COMMANDO may consider to offer credit facility and/or payment flexibility to its eligible Channel Partners of Distributor level based on history and volume of transactions. This helps partners beat the competition, win more customers, increase sales, and gain that extra customer loyalty, improve cash flow, and fuel business growth.

New Market Opportunity and Privilege Access

COMMANDO makes genuine efforts to keep partner count limited so its channel partners have more control over their local market and ultimately better profit margins. The competition is not set to the neck allowing more space for channel partners to adjust their profit margins.

Incentive Program

Channel partners are offered exclusive Channel Sales Incentives and Trade Discounts. Moreover, Sales Performance Incentive Funds (SPIFs), Market Development Funds (MDFs), Cooperative Funding (Co-op funding), Channel Rebates, Deal Registration Incentives etc. are offered time to time.

Partner Portal

Access to Partner portal brings wealth of resources and tools to enable, inform and support your ability to sell efficiently.

Marketing Support

Channel partners are supported by marketing activities, marketing collaterals and more to bring more visibility for them and the brand. They are supported with Market Development Fund (MDF) to create more visibility and value.

Lead Generation

COMMANDO Distributors get access to established Reseller/Integrator Channel Partners in their respective countries. COMMANDO and its associates generate leads for Channel Partners via its website and direct marketing activities such as telemarketing and attending tradeshows/conferences. This brings them more business connections and opportunities.

Priority Support

Channel partners receive priority support on technical and non-technical matters including pre-sales and post-sales even during extended hours at more personalized and convenient platforms. They are further supported with documents, at times necessary, to submit tenders and bigger and important projects such as Manufacturer Authorization Form (MAF) and more.

Training and Certification

Channel partners are provided with training and certifications on technical as well as sales tracks. It gives them authenticity and recognition, helps them understand products better, and position them to offer more advantage and expretize to their markets.


Channel partners are offered opportunity to participate in co-development of COMMANDO products with their suggestions and feedback based on their observations and demand in the market. COMMANDO has the expertize to develop products with customized specifications on-demand.

Deal Registration

One business opportunity floats in the market to multiple players. The opportunity and business you get first are registered and protected with COMMANDO. You can register your deals and ensure not everyone is working on the same and/or have similar advantage as you.

Price Protection

Market is dynamic and hence prices vary too frequently. By the time you close the deal, many a times, it happens that the prices have already changed/increased putting you in challenging position to honor the deals. This can seriously jeopardize your cooperation with your clients. COMMANDO offers 30-day price protection on the quotes so you can stay on your price commitments with your clients without any last-minute surprises.


Data is new oil. The Analytics offer insightful view of your market and the region overall. Channel partner gets access to valuable information about what’s going on around, what’s selling most and the least. These analytics help you make smarter decisions and bring more efficiency in your business.

Partner with COMMANDO to accelerate your sales, offer differentiation, unlock new revenue streams in the fast-growing technology landscape. Offer value and enjoy faster revenue generation, higher profit margins, and unmatched support.

Checkmate your competition by partnering with COMMANDO.

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