COMMANDO RoutePRO, 5GE, Router, Load Balancer, Wireless Controller, Firewall w/ Captive portal

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COMMANDO RoutePRO, 5GE, Router, Load Balancer, Wireless Controller, Firewall w/ Captive portal

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COMMANDO AirPRO Cloud Base Multi-Functional Wired Router, 5 10/100/1000M LAN/WAN Ports, Standard Wireless Roaming Mechanism (802.11r), Load Balancing, Authentication Server to Integrate and Simplify the Traditional Networking Mode, AC Management, Portal Authentication, Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Seven-Layer flow Control, Supports Intelligent Networking (SD-WAN), 3200+ Application Protocol Identification, 4 in 1 Multi-functional Firewall, VPN, Wireless Controller, Cloud Enabled, Enterprise Wired Router.


  • Cloud Base Wired Router
  • 5 10/100/1000M LAN/WAN Port
  • Support 100 User
  • Standard Wireless Roaming Mechanism (802.11r)
  • DPI (Deep Packet Inspection) Seven Layer Flow Control
  • Support One Click Flow Control and Manual Flow Control
  • 3200+ Application Protocol Identification, for more Accurate Flow Control, Improved Bandwidth Utilization
  • Access Point Management and Portal Authentication.
  • Built-in High-Performance Processor Suitable for Deployment of Large Scale Commercial Scenarios
  • AC Intelligent Management Function, works together with COMMANDO Access Points, easy Access Point Management
  • Support COMMANDO Platform Management, Centralized Management and Maintenance
  • VPN for Encrypted Communication, Ensure Remote Access Security
  • Support Multi Line Access, Simultaneous Access by Different Operators, Rational use, Reduce Bandwidth Costs
  • Wireless Marketing Function, High Authentication Methods to meet the needs of Different Users and Scenarios
Multi-functional Fusion

The COMMANDO Integrates Functions Such as DPI Flow Control, Load Balancing, AC Controller, VPN, and Authentication Server to Integrate and Simplify the Traditional Networking Mode. Equivalent to Integrating Multiple Devices and a Unified Network Management Platform into one Device, greatly reducing Networking and Maintenance costs

Deep Packet Inspection

COMMANDO Wired Router supports Multi-line, Each line is backed up with Each other. It cooperates with a new Generation of DPI-based Traffic Identification Mechanism, and Fine Traffic Control with Link Balancing and Application Offloading to offload Core Applications.

Wireless Access Point Controller

Access Point Controller, Support COMMANDO AP Centralized Management, AP can be Regarded as Virtual Antenna without any Configuration, Automatically Read Wireless Configuration after accessing the Network, AP Zero-based Networking, Expansion at any time, Support Standard Wireless Roaming Mechanism (802.11r), to achieve Seamless Roaming between APs, Live streaming of Games, Video, Movies, voice, etc. is Uninterrupted.

Network Security

Built-efficient Behavior Management Routing and Firewall Modules, Support Flexible user Access Control Policies, Network Security, Network security to meet Different Customer needs.

VPN (Virtual Private Network)

Support IPsec, PPTP, L2TP and Open VPN, Allowing Offices in Different Regions of the Enterprise to Access ERP, CRM, Internal Server and other Production Systems of the company's Local Area Network at Any Time to Improve Work Efficiency. Out-of-office Employees can Access the Company's internal Network Resources through Secure Channels anytime and anywhere.


Hardware Specification
Interface5* 10/100/1000M Port
PowerAC 220V
Max Power Consumption15W
Packet Forwarding Rate45kpps
Protection LevelIP30
User Capacity100+
Working Temperature0°C to +50°C
Working Humidity5%~95%RH(Non-condensing)
Warranty Period1 Year
Indicator lightPower, SYS, USB, RJ45
Software Function
Routing FunctionThe interface supports PPPoE, static IP, and DHCP access modes.
Support LAN/WAN customization settings, support VLAN
Support bandwidth overlay and access multiple WANs at the same time to achieve bandwidth overlay
Support load balancing based on IP, port, number of connections, and traffic
Line backup: one main line and one spare line
Support for multi-line multi-line and wan expansion
Support port mapping, DMZ, UPnP
Support PPTP/L2TP/IPSec VPN/Open VPN function
Support for gateway and bypass deployment
Support acceleration mode, greatly improve routing and forwarding performance
Data offload: line assignment based on source IP, destination IP, source port, destination port, domain name, and application protocol
Flow ControlSupports flow control based on source IP, port, domain name, and time for line time.
Flow control module: It can accurately identify more than 3200 application protocols, assign priorities and line orientations to various application protocols, and the database supports real-time online update to achieve precise flow control based on application protocols.
One-button intelligent flow control: only need to select the flow control scenario and set the WAN bandwidth.
Behavior ManagementSupport network share control, such as secondary routing
Support behavior management log viewing, including URL logs, IM software online and offline records, terminal online and offline records
Supports time and packet based PC and mobile APP application management policies, support for domain name black and white lists, URL jumps, URL keywords and parameter substitution.
Authentication and BillingSupport multiple device authentication roaming
Support for authentication-free settings based on mac, IP, and domain name
Supports local PPPoE Server and supports docking third-party authentication servers
Support multiple authentication template selections, support custom scrolling images and logos
Support batch import and export, support custom packages, support coupon management, support account password self-modification password.
Support cloud platform authentication, support 10 kinds of authentication methods, including WeChat, mobile phone, QQ, Microblog, user, password, countdown, coupon, trial, one-click authentication.
Authentication and BillingSupports defense against ARP attacks and improves intranet security.
Support global connection limit and can be set separately based on time and IP
Supports ACL rules based on IP, protocol, port, time period, data direction, and interface
Support DDOS defense and traffic attack defense, support internal and external network ban ping, prohibit intranet client Tracert.
Cloud ManagementSupport for configuring cloud backup
Unified configuration and delivery of managed gateway devices and APs through cloud configuration and management
View information such as device name, device online status, user data, online duration, and number of terminals under the device through the cloud.
Supports batch delivery of wireless rules in the cloud, including SSID, SSID hiding and isolation, AP equalization mode, and wireless security settings.
AC ManagementSupport for setting AP isolation, SSID isolation
Support wireless black and white list
Support for viewing the online/offline status of the AP
Supports upgrade, restart, and factory reset for APs, supports RF timing shutdown, and AP scheduled restart
Automatically discover wireless devices in the network, and manage the network through the wireless controller.
ToolSupport network wake up
Support dynamic domain names, including 3322, oray, dnspod, aliyun
Support line test, route check, health monitoring, subnet conversion
Support cross-layer applications, support cross-layer authentication, mac address filtering, etc.
System ManagementSupport for scheduled restart ,Support Ping, Tracert
Support SNMP, Telnet, http, https management
Support user logs, function logs, system log records

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COMMANDO RoutePRO, 5GE, Router, Load Balancer, Wireless Controller, Firewall w/ Captive portal

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