COMMANDO AirPRO 5378Mbps, 802.11ax/ac/b/g/n, Wave 2.0, FIT/FAT, Wi-Fi 6, Cloud Indoor Access Point

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COMMANDO AirPRO 5378Mbps, 802.11ax/ac/b/g/n, Wave 2.0, FIT/FAT, Wi-Fi 6, Cloud Indoor Access Point

Product Highlights

Support wireless RF power adjustable as per user movements from AP with data rate up to 5378Mbps.
Access end users up to 160 max, with concurrent end users up to 160.
160MHz large bandwidth, 4×4 space flow.
Support FAT and FIT mode, FAT mode support multiple operational modes like AP, routing mode (Default mode is FIT-AP mode).
Multi SSID up to 16 with inbuilt Wi-Fi channel analysis.
Supports IEEE 802.11ax/ac/b/g/n/a with backward compatibility for wireless clients, 2.4GHz+5GHz Wireless dual band.
With the function of the built-in firewall, IP filter, URL filter, and MAC filter.
Wireless dual band with radio RF Power up to 20dBm(2.4G max) ,23dBm(5G max).
2.5G high-rate uplink network port with Link integrity check.
Management with the help of WEB GUI, COMMANDO WLAN Controller as well as from Cloud portal.
Intelligent control of terminals based on airtime fairness.
High-density application optimization
Supports band steering automatically move to wider 5G band for faster connections, intelligent load balance based on users.
Support tag VLAN and VLAN management.
Supports advance security by MAC ACL, Static DHCP, Flow control, URL Mapping, IP/MAC/URL filters, Port mapping and DMZ.
Support Seamless Roaming, OFDMA, 1024-QAM.
Dual purposes WAN or IEEE 802.3at Port (PoE+)port supporting 10/100/1000/2500Mbps and dedicated LAN ports 1x 10/100/1000Mbps.
Supports Wi-Fi client distance 20meters and above depending on surrounding conditions.
Dual input for power either PoE+ via WAN port or DC power inputs 12V, 2A.
Support Open or encryption like WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK /WPA-PSK+WPA2-PSK.
N type antenna connector for high gain antenna, stronger signal strength & supports large wireless coverage ( 20m and above) in all directions.
Comply with IEEE 802.3az standard.
Plug and Play design simplifies installation with self-adaption.
Compact, silent design perfect for noise sensitive environments.
With Zero Touch Provisioning: Plug and play and no setup. Affordable, Easy-to-Use AP for all sized business networks, with Zero Configuration Required.
Comes with one-year default warranty – optionally extendable up to 3 years.

Software Highlights


Interface, Terminal, Protocol, Policy, System, Flow Control.

System Setup

Basic Setting, Disk management, Cloud Account, Advanced Settings like ALG Set, Administration, Upgrading, Reboot.


Interfaces, DHCP, DNS, IP/MAC Group, Static Routes, VLAN,VPN Client,UPNP NAT, Port Mapping, IPv6, IGMP Agent.

Flow Control

Multi-WAN features Load Balancing/Protocol/Port Forward/Domain Name/Upload/Download, Smart Flow Control, IP/MAC Limiters, Protocol Library.

Access Controller

Wireless overview, AP Configuration, AP group, AP Firmware Upgrades, Wireless black and white list, User Information.

1. Wireless overview: Open Access Controller with ON/OFF button. The connected AP will automatically enter the AP device list and can Manage AP. Running State of AP status with Online AP, Offline AP, fast roaming, 5G first along with terminal statistics like 2.4G online, 5G online, peak online, active terminal, inactive terminal. Wireless Network Rating with traffic statistics, terminal association details with Access evaluation, Access times, Average access success rate with Network transmission quality.

2. AP Configuration: Access Point Configuration with All groupings, All Status like Online/Offline/Upgrading, All Frequency like (2.4G/2.4G+5G) and IP/MAC/Model/Remarks.

Interference Analysis with Start Searching AP, MAC, Remarks, BSSID, BSSID Remark, SSID, Signal Value, Channel along with Import or Export configuration files.

Default Configuration for 2.4G, 5G Radio with other Setting like SSID1 Name - COMMANDO01

SSID1 Security No Password, SSID1 VLAN Close, Hide SSID1 Name Open, SSID rate limit Open, Guest Mode Open (Isolate guest devices discovery and access to wired network) Channel Auto, AP Signal 80% default Channel width 20 MHz can change to 40MHz or self-adaptation, Airtime scheduling, Advanced settings like Beacon frame power

Follow AP signal strength Beacon frame interval 200 ms, RTS threshold0, Low-rate access license Allow all, Management frame rate 1Mbps.

3. AP group: AP Group Add/Delete with Group name, Number of AP, channel, Maximum belt capacity, SSID, Actions. With Add button click we can set Group name with 2.4G/5G control state information.

4. AP Firmware Upgrades: Access Point Upgrades with MAC/Model, Upgrade All, Batch Upgrade with information like MAC Address, Current Version, Latest Version, Status, AP Remarks, Actions

5. Wireless black and white list: With Add, Import, Export, Enable, Disable, Delete which also shows Mode, Terminal MAC address, SSID, AP, week, time, comment, Status, Actions

6. User Information: User Information with IP/MAC/SSID, All Frequency (2.4G/5G), All users along with weak signal users and normal users showing information like IP Address, MAC, AP Information, SSID, Signal, Connect Time, Tx, Rx, Comment, Actions.


Captive Portal, VPN Server, Authentication Account, Push Notification.


Behavior Audit with Mark MAC Address, MAC Control, Website Control, URL Control, Application Protocol Control, Secondary Routing, QQ, Blacklist/Whitelist.


ACL Rules, ARP binding, Connection Limiter, Advanced Firewall. Advanced application-->Dynamic DNS, SNMP, Application across three layers, Wake on LAN, FTP Server, HTTP Server, UDPXY Set.


Ping Test, Capture Packet, Trace Route, IP Sub-netting, Speed Test, Diagnostics, Watchdog.


User Logs, Function Logs, System Logs.

COMMANDO AirPRO Ceiling AP’s controller also has cloud captive portal with AirPRO Cloud Login
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